We offer courses at different levels, from basic instruction for operator to instructor education and our packages tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Krav-Maga courses conducted for your unit can be conducted in your own facilities or in premises provided to you by the IKMF. We offer custom-made courses in defensive Tactics, CQB, fighting skills, and hand to hand combat for all sectors of the military, including army, navy, air force, special units and other security organisations.  Our education is intended to build an integrated fighter/officer who will function correctly under stressful conditions with determination, controlled aggression, while using the most effective techniques and tactics. Specific credentials and recommendations are needed in order to participate. 

Please contact us to discuss options. 

2014 Military Instructor Course - Warrior Quest

The 2014 IKMF Military Instructors Course - Warrior's Quest is in Israel, ‎from August 1-10 (participants must arrive on the 31st of July). This physically and mentally demanding course is open ‎to all certified IKMF instructors who, if they pass, will receive the coveted ‎MIC certificate. The course is also open to public and should they ‎complete the course they will receive a WARRIOR'S QUEST Certificate. ‎ A brief description of this amazing and grueling course: its a 10 days hike that is ‎‎470 km in total distance that includes complete MIC ‎curriculum. Upon registration you will be sent a complete list of the items ‎needed and course outline. ‎ This is the toughest course we have created up to date! ‎ We look forward to seeing those of you that want to challenge yourself to ‎see if you have what it takes to survive and complete this course.

Please contact us for more information.



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