Briel Uriel

Graduate Level 5

Born: Israel 1978
Lives - Central Coast NSW
Head instructor at : Close Combat Krav Maga

I have dedicated my life to helping people achieve their goals. Having a strong belief that if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and move your body you will enjoy the best life has to offer. Learning Krav Maga has taught me to be aware of my surroundings and avoid conflict. Krav Maga has also given me the confidence that if I had to defend myself I could do so. Background in Judo and Muay Thai in the past and enjoyed the training very much but if I had to teach my kids how to deal and defend themselves during a situation Krav Maga is my choice. I love teaching Krav Maga and it brings me great satisfaction when my students tell a story of how it helped them "walk in peace".

CIT Tim AlexanderTim Alexander - Continental Instructor Team (CIT)

Expert Level 3 

Tim is the Director and Chief Instructor for the Krav Maga Training Academy. He has been training in Krav Maga since it first started in Australia, and is in his 10th year as a Krav Maga instructor.

Tim is the only person in Australia certified by the IKMF as an instructor in both the restricted Law Enforcement and Military components of Krav Maga. He has also completed his certifications in all civilian areas for the IKMF, including Kids Krav Maga, and the IKMF's ground-breaking women's "Stay Away!" program. He is currently the Australian Coordinator for the "Stay Away!" program running workshops at least once-per month to the public, and many more in the private sector.

Aaron Davis

Graduate Level 5

Aaron is the owner/instructor of Direct Contact Krav Maga, which is the only IKMF Melbourne-based Krav Maga school.

Aaron has a background in various martial arts and started Krav Maga in 2008. With 5 years of training, Aaron successfully completed the Civilian Instructor Course (CIC) in 2013 and in the same year completed the Women's Self-Defence Instructor Course (WIC).

Aaron is also a veteran from the Army, who saw active service in Timor ,Iraq and Afghanistan. After being exposed to the various threats whilst on deployment, Aaron concluded that everyone, not just soldiers, should feel safe in their surroundings and Krav Maga helps provide that reassurance to everyone who gives it ago.

Damon Ralph

Graduate Level 3

Damon began studying martial arts in the late 80's and in his time has enjoyed learning Karate, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Aikido, Boxing and Escrima. In mid-2007, Damon was introduced to Krav Maga and from that moment he was hooked. Krav Maga's practicality and simplicity, in combination with its fun and welcoming training environment, kept Damon coming back.

While serving in the Australian Army as a Combat Engineer, Damon was also was trained to instruct people in drill, firearms and theory, and had many chances to practise teaching complex physical skills and mental attributes. He discovered in the Army that he enjoyed the challenge of teaching people and has since completed the IKMF Civilian Instructor Course in 2014.

James Ward

Expert Level 1

Krav Maga Training Academy, QLD. 

James is a Krav Maga Instructor at the Krav Maga Training Academy (KMTA) in Brisbane. Undertaking training since 2011, he received his Civilian Instructor Certification in May 2013 under the mentorship of expert Israeli instructors from the IKMF Global Instructor Team.

James has previous experience in Muay Thai, including undertaking an intensive Muay Thai camp in Bangkok. Given his background in other fighting systems, James believes that Krav Maga is a uniquely practical system for dealing with realistic self defence problems.

Vincent Chua

Graduate Level 4

Krav Maga Training Academy, QLD.

Vincent started training in Krav Maga in 2012. What started as a new interest quickly became a passion and then lifestyle as he rose through the student ranks. In May 2014, he received his Civilian Instructor Certification under the tutelage of ExpeVincent Chuart Israeli instructors from the IKMF Global Instructor Team. Vincent is charged with expanding KMTA to the Logan area with KMTA's newest school due to open in July 2014.

In addition to Krav Maga, Vincent has had previous experience in Shotokan Karate and Muay Thai systems. He is also an avid weightlifter and is a proud member of the 1000 pound club.

Outside of Krav Maga, Vincent is a Chartered Financial Analyst with an ASX Top 10 corporation.

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