Andrew McBaron

Graduate Level 5

Andrew McBaron, is a passionate Krav Maga practitioner and was Director of the Australian Branch of the IKMF in 2014-2015. Having commenced training in various martial arts as a child, Andrew has experience across a range of combat and self-defence disciplines and is committed to providing the most pragmatic and effective solutions possible. With professional needs in mind, he commenced his Krav Maga training with the IKMF in 2003 and successfully completed the first IKMF instructor course in North America in 2007 under the tutelage of Avi Moyal and Gabi Noah. Andrew is currently based in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

IKMF Davey McBaron headshotDavey McBaron

Graduate Level 2

David completed his Civilian Instructor Certification in 2015 under the instruction and assessment of Tamir Gilad and Megan Cohen-Berkman of the IKMF GIT, and has been training at North Queensland Krav Maga (NQKM) in Townsville since.  David draws upon a lifelong learning of different defence systems (Aikido, Kick Boxing, & Tae Kwon Do) as well as his professional experiences within the emergency services ranks. David’s professional exposures give him an unparalleled insight into the mechanics and systems supporting the development of dynamic situational awareness, and critical decision making under stress.  David’s ability to taper content delivery to suit all learner types ensures any student is able to develop functional Krav Maga defence fundamentals with efficiency.

GregGreg Lewin

Graduate Level 2

Krav Maga Training Academy, QLD 

Greg began training in Krav Maga within the IKMF at KMTA in early 2012. After taking an intense liking to the practicality of the self-defence system, Greg traversed through the ranks and completed the Civilian Instructor Course in 2014.

Greg's relevant history also includes many years of training in boxing, previous experience in Muay Thai and Hapkido and a genuine interest in overall fitness and healthy well-being. He is also currently undertaking a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Queensland and finds the real life aspects of Krav Maga training relevant to his psychological studies.

Having recently become an instructor, Greg looks forward to running his own classes and personal training sessions, and has an inherent outlook in life to help others achieve whilst still progressing and learning more Krav Maga as every day allows!

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