Peter Jackson

Graduate Level 5

Peter was the National Director of IKMF Australia from 2015 to 2017. He has dedicated over half his life to the fighting arts and runs his own Health & Fitness PT business. He started as a 15 year old stepping into the ring learning the craft of boxing with Leo White (Kid Young, dec): "I had no champion trainer said I was ready but my mother wouldn't allow me"! It was just tough, old school training experience and provided me with some early life skills". He ventured into Freestyle Martial Arts, BJJ and finally Karate.  After reaching a level of 2nd Degree in Karate, Peter was introduced to Krav Maga during a Karate black-belt class; it was 2000. "It was a major turning point in my life as I had started questioning to myself the effectiveness of our training and the techniques we were learning. I liked the art to Karate, however, the complexity within the system had me also questioning the effectiveness in a confrontation". I soon started to train with a good friend and Krav Maga Expert and the rest is history". His passion for learning and a willingness to pass on his extensive knowledge to students. His philosophy is pretty simple; "teach people who want to learn, learn from people who want to teach".

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