Graduate Level 5

Jason has a background in other martial arts and started in Krav Maga in 2010 with only one goal: to reach Practitioner Level 1. Four years on he is hooked and running his own school while continuing to progress as a student himself. Jason was, and still is, a student of Australia's only Expert Instructor Team (EIT) member, Tim Alexander. Jason has a background in RAAF Policing and Security and is still and active reserve member of the RAAF Security Forces. He has a real passion for teaching ordinary everyday people how to protect themselves, get fit and healthy and assisting with building street confidence. 

John TranJohn Tran

Lead Civilian Instructor - Graduate Level 2

Lionheart Krav Maga, Melbourne, Vic.

Lead Civilian Instructor G2 John is passionate about creating a safer and healthier community where he lives and works. His passion has led him opening his first Krav Maga School in Point Cook Melbourne in 2016 and shortly after opened his second school in Geelong in 2017. John has received training from some of IKMF's most elite instructors including Marcus Torgerson, Shlomi Moyal and Hen Toledano. This training has allowed John to receive the following qualifications that allow him to provide focussed sessions for adults, children and women. In addition to his Krav Maga training, John is supported by a strong grounding in a number of martial arts including Muay Thai, Traditional Vietnamese Martial Arts and also cross training with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With a relatively young business John is empowering the communities of Geelong and Point Cook. He has run a number of focussed seminars on women’s self-defence as well as providing training to a number of community groups including local scouts, secondary schools and businesses.

Iman Eslamizadeh

Expert Level 1

Krav Maga Training Academy. Brisbane, QLD

Iman began training in Krav Maga since February 2009 with KMTA.. As a senior student in 2010 he moved in to an administration role within KMTA while continuing his training. In April 2011 he received his Civilian Instructor certification, and is running regular classes every week, also along with numerous personal training sessions. In 2016 Iman succesfuly became an IKMF Australia Expert level 1. Aside from Krav Maga, Iman graduated from university in 2010 with a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice. In 2011 he completed his Masters of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Furthermore, in 2013 he completed his Masters of International Relations. Professionally, Iman is a Member of Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Peter Jackson

Graduate Level 5

Peter was the National Director of IKMF Australia from 2015 to 2017. He has dedicated over half his life to the fighting arts and runs his own Health & Fitness PT business. He started as a 15 year old stepping into the ring learning the craft of boxing with Leo White (Kid Young, dec): "I had no champion fights....my trainer said I was ready but my mother wouldn't allow me"! It was just tough, old school training experience and provided me with some early life skills". He ventured into Freestyle Martial Arts, BJJ and finally Karate.  After reaching a level of 2nd Degree in Karate, Peter was introduced to Krav Maga during a Karate black-belt class; it was 2000. "It was a major turning point in my life as I had started questioning to myself the effectiveness of our training and the techniques we were learning. I liked the art to Karate, however, the complexity within the system had me also questioning the effectiveness in a confrontation". I soon started to train with a good friend and Krav Maga Expert and the rest is history". His passion for learning and a willingness to pass on his extensive knowledge to students. His philosophy is pretty simple; "teach people who want to learn, learn from people who want to teach".

KonKon Halkeas

Graduate Level 2

KMTA, Brisbane, QLD.

Kon is a Civilian and Kids Krav Maga instructor who have been training in Krav Maga within the IKMF, specifically at KMTA under IKMF Continental Instructor and KMTA Director, Tim Alexander, since January 2014. He has also trained under numerous Global Instructors from Israel and America in this time.

Kon is passionate about teaching kids and adults as he feels it is important for people of all ages and genders to know how to protect themselves. In the future he looks to build upon his understanding of Krav Maga by completing further instructor qualifications. He specifically aims to focus on the Adaptive and Tactical Shooting Krav Maga Instructor courses so as to expand the demographic he is able to reach. He currently teaches Adults and Kids weekly at KMTA.

Chris Lobb

Graduate Level 5

Tasmanian Krav Maga Academy, Hobart, TAS.

Chris has studied broadly in martial arts since he first started training over twenty years ago,  including Karate, Wing-Chun Kung Fu, Shorinji Kempo and of course Krav Maga.

Having been a full-time member of the Australian Defence Force for over twelve years, Chris remains an active member of the Army Reserve. In that time, Chris qualified as a military unarmed combat instructor and deployed to a number of high threat environments.

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