Being a member of the IKMF means being a part of a family.

First and foremost we are companions, then comes our mutual passion and drive to teach people to protect themselves with Krav Maga, and lastly we are business partners to our mutual benefit. It’s a known fact that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and our organisation amplifies that by showing that despite the changes it has gone through, it keeps evolving and continues to be a loyal home to all of us.

If you have yet to decide where your place is, please see this as my personal invitation to take part in our growing family.

Sincerely ~ Avi Moyal, Chairman, IKMF

The Civilian Instructor Course, or CIC as it is more commonly known in Krav Maga circles, is one of the most popular educational programs offered by the IKMF. Our federation has trained hundreds of instructors across the globe and we have an active presence in Israel, USA, Canada, most European Countries, the Far East, and of course here in Australia and New Zealand. Every CIC is delivered by a dedicated member of the Global Instructor Team (GIT) from IKMF HQ, each a high level Krav Maga expert in their own right and hand-picked for their ability to get the best from trainees and impart knowledge.

The CIC is a modularized course that is delivered around the world each year by the GIT. CIC structure and training is identical globally to ensure consistency. The total duration of the course is 180 hours of instructional time spread over 20-22 days. Due to travel distances involved, when the course is conducted in Australia it is divided into two parts known as CIC1 and CIC2, each of ten days duration and typically two or three months apart. The CIC will provide participants an education in most Krav Maga techniques under the civilian curriculum; various fighting techniques and tactics; principles of Krav Maga doctrine; teaching/methods of instruction; training philosophy and approaches; management, promotion and marketing of a school; and more!

The course is unquestionably difficult, both physically and mentally, irrespective of your starting level. It will challenge even the most experienced, and there are rigorous standards required to pass.

Attendance at the CIC presupposes a strong background in Krav Maga or a martial art that would endow a candidate with strong striking skills and coordination. Over the 20 days this will be honed in the manner we do things, but a strong base is essential given how much is covered in a relatively short time. The learning days are long - usually 0900-1800 each day - and the course is structured to give weight to both techniques and, importantly, instructional methods and skills. Unlike many other "instructor" courses, the CIC places heavy emphasis on helping people become true instructors and 50% of the final assessment comes down to an ability to teach. Having physical skills is one thing but being able to impart lessons is fundamental to being an instructor in our view.

During the course, participants will receive an instructor manual, imagery for advertising, and an IKMF logo for use once qualified as an instructor. Grading and curriculum material, lesson plans and more will also be provided. All successful candidates will receive an IKMF Instructor Diploma, and upon graduation will become members of the IKMF and authorized to teach according to IKMF regulations.

Continuation training

GIT members visit Australia several times per year to run the CIC as well as deliver instructor development training. Graduates of the CIC are required to maintain currency by completing update training each year (four days), during which they are refreshed on methods of instruction, trained in techniques for their next level, and brought up to date on techniques that may have changed based on feedback from around the world. IKMF Krav Maga is a system that is never static and always seeks to learn, adapt and improve.


To enter the CIC, candidates must meet certain criteria and provide certain documentation as detailed below:

  • A written recommendation from a local IKMF instructor in Australia (or another country after consultation with the Australian National Director); or a licenced martial arts instructor from a reputable school; or a military officer or police officer; or, manager of a security company.
  • A minimum of two years training in Krav Maga or four years training in another martial art, and a proven ability in striking and kicking.
  • No criminal record or affiliation with proscribed organisations.
  • Completion of a health declaration.
  • Proof of health insurance.
  • Approval by IKMF Australia National Branch or IKMF HQ.

                                                                         Enrolment forms can be obtained by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2018 IKMF Civilian Instructor Course (CIC):

CIC Part 1 June 1st - June 10th - 'Lionheart Krav Maga and Fitness' Point Cook, VIC. GIT Guy Bilya

CIC Part 2 October 5th - October 14th - 'Krav Maga Training Academy' Brisbane QLD. GIT Tamir Gillad

CIC Prepation Course - Starts April 2018 - Contact your local instructor

Early Bird price AUD$ 3,850 (GST Inc) finishes MAY 5th. After MAY 5th Regular price $4250 (GST Inc). 
Prep Course $400

To register contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask any questions and we will do our best to answer them for you: A deposit of AUD$550 followed by two installments of AUD$1,650, payable prior to the commencement of each part.



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